April 19, 2018
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Ishi Neve
Painter (Manly, NSW)

Originally from New Zealand, the land of independent thinkers, Ishi moved to Australia with his family in 1989. His memories of his birthplace include a prehistoric Jurassic Park-like rain forest in his backyard.

Ishi missed New Zealand desperately and it was a difficult transition for his family as they started a new life in Manly. Although as a kid there was lots of bushwalking, drawing, skating and plenty to do. This challenging time made a lasting impact on the naïve five year old which is evident in the essence of his paintings.

Today Ishi finds inspiration from Victorian English architecture, Picasso, Gauguin and has a fascination with the way that people with psychological disorders view the world.

Of himself, Ishi says, “I paint because there’s too much in my head, it keeps the insanity at bay.”   

On the surface his paintings are intense, fun and hectic, but they come from a place of confusion and uncertainty. There’s an underlying sense of fear that reflects Ishi’s desire to disengage from the world around him, yet at the same time change it for the better.

Ishi is currently doing artworks for Hayden shapes surfboards which has broadened his horizons when it comes to the way he does his art.

Ishi’s first show will be at the Barking Frog in Manly. It’s sponsored by Hayden Shapes surfboards, Tiger beer and Favourite Things.

For information on how to purchase / commission Ishi, please contact him below. Gallery enquiries welcome.

Fiona Horton 
Painter / Mixed Media / Collage Artist (Pymble, NSW)

Fiona Horton is an artist / photographer based in the northern suburbs of Sydney. She has always been a keen photographer but decided to further her interest in painting. She completed a Visual Arts Diploma in 2004 at Northbridge School of Visual Arts, followed by a Diploma of Freelance Photography in 2005. For two years after this, in early 2006, she commenced learning mixed media techniques with Annette Pringle.

Ultimately wanting to combine her interest in photography with painting and the many mixed media techniques learnt over the years, she evolved a technique to create personal artworks.

She began by combining photographs with other images from various sources. These were then resolved with mixed media techniques such as textured backgrounds (with images scratched in), acrylic resist, bitumen, shellac and oil glazing. As a result, visually interesting collages were formed.

These started out as collages of photos and images of urban life, inspired by Melbourne’s fantastic café/bar society and laneways. Another theme exhibited was beach life, with collages inspired by trips around Australia’s beautiful coastline.

Fiona has now started her own business centered on her collages. She creates custom designed personal artworks for individuals and families, based on photographs of children, families and travels. Special holidays, birthdays and anniversaries can be remembered this way. She is able to use the customer’s photos or if desired can take individual photos for the collage.

She sees her art as a creative and very personal way to display memories. The collages add dimension and texture to ordinary photos and more importantly, combine other facets of life on canvas that people would not ordinarily see, such as objects that are symbolic to the individual – e.g. parts of school reports, achievements, hobbies and interests.

Because these works are done on an individual basis, the size, theme, colours, composition and content of the work are entirely up to the customer.

She also likes to paint abstract images, some particularly inspired by the colours of the outback, along with natural scenes displaying a contemporary feel.

Fiona has exhibited in various art shows in Sydney, including Riverview, Corpus Christi and St. Thomas’s. She held her first joint exhibition in Sydney at Gallery 307 in Northbridge, in August 2007. She also paints for retail shops/small galleries.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis, depending on the canvas size required. Most sizes can be made to order. Please e-mail with an idea of size and Fiona will return to you with a price. As an estimate, the following measurements give a guide to costs for the collages:

10 x 20 inches (25 x 36cm) – $225*
20 x 30 inches (51 x 76cm) – $690*
30 x 40 inches (76 x 101cm) – $1,150*
*GST is not charged

Fiona is also available for small freelance photography work. Please contact her for further information on her collages, artwork for sale or commissioned work.

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