April 19, 2018
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Luke Going Photographer (Rapid Creek, NT)

I have been taking pictures since high school, going on 10 years now. Over that period I have seen my passion for photography wax & wane and it has only been in the last 2 years I have started to take it more seriously. I Consider this period to be a introspective analysis into what my photo’s are trying to tell me about who I am and where I’m heading.

Moving to Darwin with my family at the beginning of 2007 was the perfect impetus to implement a creative shift. I became fascinated by the ambience of light, and the contrast of shadow, and how integral they were in dramatically transforming a scene.


I focused on my immediate environment, being the large tropical garden that exclusively hid us away from the world. I switched religiously to Black & White and refined my artistic temperament to Fine Art. I was drawn to more abstract compositions as they reflected my desire to capture true individualistic images. To use the frame in my camera correlated to an empty canvas, I had the medium I loved and the inspiration at hand. I basically found myself in the middle of a life altering reforming of my artistic style.

Being heavily influenced by 20th century masters such as Andre Kertesz, W. Eugene Smith, Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas and Irving Penn, I was increasingly intrigued by expanding my vision and seeing urban landscapes as a template for expressionistic thought and creative design. Seeing beyond the mind’s surface fog that screens off the true beauty of the world, I became innately aware of using intuition as a guiding light to find myself within my art.

I am transforming my passion for fine art into portraiture and reportage. Irving Penn’s Portraits of the literate elite have given me insight into the human figure/personality as captivating subject matter for fine art photography.

I am currently working on a project, which is documenting the strengths of individualism with in a community. I am focusing on a group of family’s who have children attending a small Steiner school. The schools principles are modelled around educating the whole child. This holistic approach facilitates internal growth that balances the individual and creates harmony within themself and with in the world around them.

My intent is to see how an individual is shaped by their existing and past relationships and what environments have manifested from the inherent need to express one’s individual ideals.

I am at a stage in my artistic career where my creative zest has rested in the most beautiful world of photography. My purpose now is to move away from ‘taking pictures’ and begin to evolve my instinct so I can ‘create images’, where my responsibility will lie is leaving a legacy of beautiful imagery that will enrich the archives of the human race.

The photo’s on this profile were taken on a recent trip to Vietnam. I was struck by the generous nature and optimism of its people. Spawned from centuries of war, a defiant spirit was imminent in the rise of this sovereign nation. This opened my eyes to the concept of individualism as a cultural identity. I struggle to find the cultural identity of this country and being in Vietnam invoked a desire to belong to such an ideal.

Artists Statement
I’m always fascinated by extreme polarity and how one learns to balance one’s life with the opposing forces of peace and adversity. Photography enables me to illustrate my love and reverence for human emotion and the therapeutic benevolence of nature.

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