April 19, 2018
  • Screen Arts

About Us

We like creating creative minds and producing ART with smiles.
We offer an Artist service where you can commissionpeople or pet portraites, artworks and Illustrations for books by Jo or Aedan.
Hand painted T’s (t-shirts) and VIPs (pillows) by Adealide.
Candles, rocks, heat/cold packs, t-shirts and pillows in the L.L.L range by Wil.
Hi my name is Jo Lias and I love creating art.
If your children are keen to draw, paint,
sculpt and enjoy making things, well
Screen Arts Here is for you.
Book and join one of the
Screen Arts kids workshops.(kids 4-14)
which run over the school holidays.
From time to time I run adult classes or Arty day trips.
Join the mailing list for up coming events.