April 19, 2018
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Marian Shapiro Mosaic Artist (Bayview, NSW)

Based on Sydney’s northern beaches, Marian creates hand-crafted original art mosaic in a variety of styles. Originally trained in fine art, and in theatre in the UK, she became obsessed with mosaic a few years ago and has studied mosaic art in Ravenna, Italy; London, Sydney and Auckland.

She concentrates on fine art pieces and architectural installations such as floor inserts, walls, borders, splash-backs etc. Much of her work is done on commission, working closely with clients to achieve a unique piece ideally suited for its eventual site. Private commissions have included; art pieces, furniture, garden bowls and architectural installations such as mosaic “rugs” and shower walls. The price depends on the size and complexity of a piece and the materials chosen.



Mosaic materials may include marble, vitreous glass, smalti (Italian glass) unglazed ceramics and other materials. All materials are cut by hand and assembled in the workshop, ready for installation or, in the case of art pieces, ready to hang. The mosaic method and materials used will vary as appropriate for the materials used and the eventual location of the piece.

All of Marian’s work is based on her own original designs and is unique, though occasionally she uses an existing piece as a jumping off point for a new project. Her work has been seen in many art shows and has won several prizes. She exhibits regularly in Sydney galleries and has created many private, public and commercial commissions, including architectural installations, in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Marian is a member of the Mosaic Association of Australia and the International Association of Contemporary Mosaic (AIMC) .

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Artists Statement:

“Mosaic has existed as an art form for thousands of years. As an artist in the 21st century I am fascinated by the creative tension of using ancient techniques and traditional materials to make modern art. I will happily mix materials such as marble, cut by hand in the traditional manner, with materials not available to the Romans such as shattered safety glass.



What intrigues me personally about mosaics is the texture of the materials and by the immediacy of the process. After years in the computer industry, I am very attracted by the idea of making something concrete (sometimes literally). I also find the hands-on nature of the work very appealing. Chopping marble, placing pieces on to brown paper with flour and water glue. People’s first reaction to my work is often to want to touch it, and I am always delighted by this response.



The art pieces are often inspired by the materials and by the contrasts that I can achieve by mixing different textures in the same piece. The roughness of marble against the smoothness of glass. The density of colour in smalti and the translucence of vitreous glass. I am also interested in the play of colour over a large area and they way in which colour itself can lend movement and dimension to an otherwise flat artwork.

Recently I have been experimenting with glass fusing and creating fused glass inserts which I am incorporating in mosaic art pieces.”

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