screenarts is the easiest way to find Australian online screen-based digital art exhibitions and conferences on the web.

The Australian Network for Art and Technology, in collaboration with the Media Resource Centre in Adelaide and dLux media arts in Sydney, has developed screenarts, a website presenting Australian online screen-based digital art. The project has been supported by the Australian Film Commission.

  • screenarts contains an easy to use live database, updated monthly, that allows you to search by exhibition, conference, organisation, artist, presenter, works, papers and keywords. Additionally the screenarts’ browse function allows the listing of content in a number of easy to use and choose formats
  • screenarts features a diary where upcoming exhibitions and conference are listed.
  • screenarts invites you to submit an exhibition or conference which will be considered for inclusion in the database. Check our guidelines if you are interested in suggesting works for inclusion. You can also register as a screenarts user for emailed updates.

As screenarts continues to evolve, the site will archive exhibitions and conferences which are no longer live, allowing the directory to become a more complete resourse of historical as well as current Australian digital screen art and discourse online.

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